Wednesday 29th September

Day 3

Our Cauda Equina Syndrome Festival continues. We’ve really enjoyed hearing from our friends and colleagues. It’s amazing to hear how they’ve been helping cauda equina patients – a beacon of hope and a window into what can be achieved for cauda equina patients everywhere.

We continue to share our 10 years of experience as we reach Day 3…

Psychological impact of Cauda Equina Syndrome – Helen Smith

Cauda Equina Syndrome and our intimate relationships – Michelle Donald

Michelle Donald explains the effect of cauda equina syndrome on our intimate relationships and how a CES injury is not the end for individuals and couples. Sexual dysfunction is something that is often one of the most distressing issues for CES patients …

Mindfulness for pain management and well being

Vidyamala Burch talks to Rick Hanson

Vidyamala Burch is a former CES patient now known throughout the world for her work around guided meditation for pain management and wellbeing. We hear Vidymala talking to Rick Hanson about her CES journey and the important work she does today and her charity Breathworks.

Physio for the penis – Elliot Stackhouse, Imedicare

Download Physio for the penis Full Interview

‘What do I say?’ – a poem by Catrina Farnell

We met Catrina over three years ago, when she came to work as a volunteer for our charity. Before that, Catrina had spent the last seven years isolated at home, struggling to cope with life after cauda equina syndrome. She rarely left the house and bravely decided to join us at the charity…

Life after CES – Jennie

Jennie Sharpe talks to James about her show jumping passion and how despite CES she is now competing internationally. It’s all down to a trip to the local sweet shop with her Dad!

Champions Charity Connect Service

What our members say….

Life after CES – Annanya

Support group member Annanya talks with James and discusses her biggest struggles after surgery, the psychological impact of CES and how a fabric boot is really helping with her chronic nerve pain in her foot.

With only 2 days remaining of our Cauda Equina Syndrome Festival we’re excited to bring you day 4 tomorrow

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